We are who we thought we were

Fear. Of the Other. Of the Marauder, the Pillager from over the hills, come to burn your virgins and rape your crops. These Fears are hardcoded in all humans, to some degree, and play themselves out in myriads of ways. See if you can't spot them!
Safety. Home, the feeling of belonging, of being protected, of knowing you're warm and dry and well fed and everything's just swell, thank you very much.
Sex. It's all important, obviously, and amputee status does nothing to change the equation. But a horse in a bunker? Maybe.
Control. It's the end all be all for many, perhaps most if you think of it in a certain way. Power over others, power over yourself, control of events as they happen, a domestic god, creator of All, giver of life. Etc. Professor Dog here could expound.

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