To Kill An Elephant

True story. Folks down in Kingsport, Tennessee got all enraged after Mary here killed a circus worker rather cruelly. Some reports indicate this worker was prodding Mary with a hook, and she snapped. Check it here.

Barbaric, is it not? And proof that despite how crazy times may seem, we're making progress in every regard. Hanging an elephant in front of an entire town (lots of kids) would never be considered today.



l.e.s.ter said...

I could see Rick Santorum hanging an elephant.

Here's Topsy going down at the hand of Thomas A. Edison. Topsy was a casualty of the Tesla-Edison rivalry, randomly enough.

Anonymous said...

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Redshirt said...

Fascinating stuff, Anonymous.

As for Topsy, yeah, sad story. I was thinking of going there next then leading into a Tesla riff - for the man was great. But you blew it for me!

My power is the best! His power kills SAVAGE ELEPHANTS!!!