A gift of war

One of St. Ronnie's gifts to the world was the War on Drugs, which has taken hundreds of thousands lives and ruined so many more, all in the name of attempting to quash human nature. And build up a police state.

That so many rot in jail right now over plants, and the selling and consumption of plants, is madness. And yet, it's the law of the land. For now - times seem to be changing, with medical marijuana laws all over the place and outright possession or consumption quasi-legal in a few others.  A bit of sanity creeps slowly back into the public sphere.

For prohibitions do not work, and never have, and never will. Human nature will not allow it. And any law that goes against human nature will reap untold pain and suffering for everyone.

Legalize it, man, and focus instead on rehabilitation of addicts, and enforcing laws regarding drug/alcohol influenced behavior. Let people police themselves and only when they cannot should the State get involved.

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