Ronaldus Magnus

How strange that once upon a time, for a long time, everyone smoked. A multi-generational cancer upon humanity, encouraged by society and industry, and yes, future Presidents.

No joke. "Ronaldus Magnus" is a nickname Rush Slimeball came up with years ago and the dumb ass dittoheads promptly spread it across the rightwing hivemind. The Wingnuts have deified Reagan, creepily enough, and this Latinization of his name as some sobriquet of Empire is a reflection into their warped, fascist minds. They want to be ruled, and they want to crush those deemed inferior by the Talking Heads. Check it out at TPM.

And yes, I'm equating Reagan with a clown. This freak circus we're living in today was brought to life by St. Ronnie. What's mildly amusing is the policies and statements of Reagan back in the day were mild and moderate compared to today's EXTREME Wingnuts. If you put his policies in writing without attribution they'd claim: Liberal trash.

The worshipers have exceeded their God in piety and devotion, to madness. But, it's true: Far less smoking.

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