You Are What You Eat

Would you like a tall glass of "Just Corn Syrup"? If you drink any soda, you do. Enjoy! Of course, in this new age of "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle", after slurping down a big tasty cup of "Just Corn Syrup", you get:
Mmm... Super Tangy! And don't let "Man v. Wild" fool you - you can't drink piss. But you could sure eat this:
It wouldn't be pleasant, most likely quite painful, and probably not very delicious. But you could eat it! Leading to:
Mostly organic!

Many folks have wondered about the meaning of life. Maybe you have. Well, it's arguably to make poop. Now, snigger if you will, but seriously, that's what life does: It consumes some materials (materials = energy as E=Mc2) and than excretes others after using the material for sustenance. Life is an energy processing machine, taking one thing and turning it into another - and that's how the Universe evolves. Deep, huh? Deep doodoo.

Also, this is how you can train your kids to pick up after the dog:

A real product!


Marc Goecke said...

Ver nice! Good blog!

l.e.s.ter said...

"What was it that Gurdjieff had said about our being mere 'shit factories'?"

Redshirt said...

As the diapers pile up you will know the Truth of it.

3hree said...

the diapers won't pile up, that's what landfills are for. but shit is a byproduct of something. and to some extent it helps the planet, but to another extent it might be taxing. so that gurdjieff reference is more complicated ... the shit might be the byproduct of a life spent watching tv game shows, or of a life spent blogging, or of a life shopping for $2 waffle irons, or ... what could be "worthwhile"? and the question of how to repay your debt, if it is at all possible, comes up? you can't stop shitting, maybe i should just finish myself off, call it quits? but no,, gurdjieff wasn't as fatalistic as that or about our being mere "shit factories." just food for thought, and what happens to that food, ... ?

Redshirt said...

Technically, and quite literally, all we are, all anything is, is a manifestation of entropy after the highly ordered state of the Big Bang. Everything is a creation of this increasing disorder, and thus our lives are but expressions of this entropy.

As with many things - most things? All things? - you can't change it. But you can strive to understand it, and align with it. It's our only "salvation".