The kids these days

I'm getting old. I can sense a change in my perception over the last few years where things no longer look the same - young people on the TV look SOOOO young, but I know they're in their early 20's. But they look like kids now, and not so long ago they looked like my peers. This perception shift, with the corresponding shock at "the kids these days!", is a universal feature of getting old, and many have a hard time dealing with it without becoming cantankerous old coots.

So my rant: The kids these days! With their mobile phones and texting and piercings and generally sullen behaviors! But seriously: Imagine most kids lives over the past 60 years or so, compared to the life the kids in the picture above lived. No doubt they're living on a small farm, working hard every day, with no tv, no radio, no electricity for cryin' out loud! Candle light readings of the Bible then to bed at 8 to rise before dawn and work all day long again. Sound like fun? Hell no!

But I guarantee these were serious, dutiful children who seldom complained and were respectful of their parents and traditions. Is this good? Not entirely, but is that not a type of person we as a society say we want? Isn't that an ideal? 

Maybe. I think it at least used to be. But today? Whatever feels good, do it.

In conclusion, it's a common thread throughout all of human history that the older generation thinks the younger generation is going to hell - the Greeks were bitching about the poor morals of young Alexander's generation. You hear it all the time, from old people of course. So clearly, this is a subjective and often erroneous judgment, since younger generations can of course be "better" than their parents. But I propose that with the full blossoming of the Industrial Revolution circa 1945, a large percentage of humanity changed from the norm that existed for all of human history, and that in fact we today live in a remarkably unique time where Technology has at last completely and utterly changed us as a species.

We're going through the awkward teenage years now, armed with nukes. Perhaps if we survive, we'll mature alongside this magical Technology, and truly achieve our potential: To spread everywhere, deep into space.

So take note, young people! The absolute survival of humanity as a species depends on YOU getting your act together. Cut your damn hair for starters!

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