That's the appeal, right? The anonymity? The faceless soldier in a war far grander than you'll ever gather? The Brotherhood that is losing one's self and taking on the same identity as so many others? Or is it all the chicks Stormtroopers get?
Big in Japan. Oh yeah!
I think the Trooper here is the umpire, which makes no sense. But then, have you ever watched Japanese TV? It's crazy!
Like these dudes. Every bachelor party in Japan has a Stormtrooper.
And every museum has a Stormtrooper exhibit.

I wonder if anyone has written a thesis on the conflation of the Stormtrooper with the Samurai. There's a Grad degree there!


l.e.s.ter said...

Isn't Darth Vader's armor lifted from a samurai suit of armor? Everything comes full circle...

Redshirt said...

Indeed. I've heard the Star Wars plot was heavily influenced by Kurosawa's "The Hidden Fortress" as well - Lucas was a film student.