The Reason for the Season

Nerd pop quiz! Name the reference.

As you ponder that, let us consider the always ignorant declaration: "Remember the reason for the season" said, no doubt, in the context of criticizing consumer based Xmas culture - what's Santa got to do with it?

Time's up! The answer is Jesus as Galactus, eater of worlds.

But that of course is not really the reason for the season. But rather, like all wise conquerors, Christians took over existing holidays and rebranded them all Christ style (see, Mithras) - pro tip! Jesus was not born on 12/25. That is if Jesus actually existed, which he did not, unless you're referring to some Mexican dude, then yes, there are very many Jesuses, some of which were born on 12/25 - and how cool would that be, just from the gift reception perspective?

No really. The reason for the season is this:
Shortest day of the year - death of the old year, and rebirth of the new. That's the basis for all myths from all religions - the cycle of the seasons, and the cycles of life. Everything else is nothing but flowery prose and forms of control.

And lo! We've gained 24 seconds of daylight so far this year!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, wow. . .I made that picture a while back for SomethingAwful's forums. . .surprised to see it floating around still.