Next (Giant) Steps

You remember Lagrange Points, right? Spots of gravity around the orbit of Earth and the Sun where things are relatively still and balanced - you could just hang out at any L# spot above and be cool, but especially cool, as you see, is L4 and L5, for there lay the Trojan Asteroids orbiting about Earth and the Sun cool as could be, stationary. There for the taking.

And that's where our future lies: With the Asteroids. Some are pure metal, worth billions upon billions and billions of dollars in today's funny money.  The industrial potential of such asteroids is beyond compare - mine them in space, build huge structures in space, and so on:
From the asteroids we can build huge space machines that could do all kinds of crazy things:
Eventually we'll make spaceships of asteroids - why not? Big shield of rock with all your futuristic shit all snug as a bug inside the iron walls. The spinning of the ship will simulate perfect Earth gravity, leading to:
Living large in the Lagrange, y'all...
This is where we will survive as a species - in space, living in humongous space spheres spinning through the Black... do you think we can survive like that? I do, if we have enough ships - say a million, all sent out in different directions in space. Humans would conquer the galaxy!  And is not that the point? To spread?

We can spread as a species off this planet and into space. Isn't it our obligation to do so?


skramly said...
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l.e.s.ter said...

Rumored to have a lotta nice girls in Lagrange. A haw, haw, haw, haw.

Maybe the Brazilians will get it started. Their economy has a fatty surplus.

Redshirt said...

Unfortunately for ass aficionados, it will probably be the Chinese. Fine with me, as long as it's someone!