Klingon Smorgasbord

Klingon is not just an unrealistic alien species, but also a language. A real language, with grammar rules and gerunds and all that shit. "Tah Pagh Tahbe'" translates to "To Be or Not To Be". Oh look, Shakespeare in the original Klingon:
An actual production of Hamlet, in Klingon. Odd, is it not? Consider the utter luxury of it! That we (as a species, as a society) have such spare time as to learn a real language from a fictional universe and make a play of it. Or performance art:
It's decadent, really. And completely wonderful. This is how a species advances - by exploring all kinds of weird shit. Who knows what will turn up? Or who will be inspired by what. For example:
Imagine ballin' down Main Street in this Bird of Prey! You'd get pulled over and hassled eventually, for sure, but even then, it'd be pretty sweet. I'd just start cold blastin' everything in my path, Klingon style.
Klingon style. Kahless bless them.


l.e.s.ter said...

Timely post for the debut of The Learning Channel's "Geek Love."

Redshirt said...

Oh, I missed that! In sooth, sadly, I've given up on all the so called "Educational" channels, as they've all turned to crud. Science Channel is the only one with anything, yet it too is sinking under the weight of "Punkin' Chunkin'" and "Road to Punkin' Chunkin'" and the like. Alas!