Starving for Fashion

Ivanna is like clothes hangar for your fashions. Everything fits!

But seriously, wow! Obviously a serious eating disorder, and without doubt encouraged by the profession, because the decision makers had decided "thin is in" and someone is always going to go further than every one else, and here we have a skeleton revealed, with apparently some sort of sweater you should consider buying for an incredibly high price.

How odd! That in our warped displays of sexual attraction - the end all be all of 96% of all human behavior - we could veer so far from sexually healthy. Meaning, most sexual displays are intended to show how virile and fit we are as an individual, and thus good breeding stock. And this premise is not human, but rather a function of higher lifeforms, and even more so, these multitudes of behaviors are not ours or any creature's, but rather the sum expression of our genes. Our genes want to reproduce, and we are the vehicles for them to do so.

And thus I ask this poor lady's genes: Speak up!

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