Requiem for Voyager

It wasn't the best Trek, I think we can all agree, but it was Trek, and somewhat true to the ideals as set forth in TOS and TNG. Peace. Exploration. Weird ass "what if" sci-fi episodes. I quibble with many of the details, but what do quibbles matter? In the end. So let's say goodbye to Voyager with a photo series.

Also, did people really look like this in the 90's? My color pattern was much more flannel.

O, Ensign Kim. 7 years serving as Operations officer in one deadly mission after another, and never a promotion. What were you doing wrong on Janeway's ship, man? Did Chakotay hate you? Crikey! Pretty boy Paris was a convicted criminal and he got a promotion. Shit ain't fair.

Janeway was a good captain. Not great. Better than Archer - but then, so was the EMH. This, however, violates many rules of fictional time travel. But violating rules is what you gotta do on the other side of the Galaxy, amirite?
Such as - you can't go faster than Warp 10! This is what happens! You get turned into a giant space salamander - true fact. You don't want that, do you? Obey the Warp limit then.
I think the joke here is that no one had a end of Voyager party, right? Or, perhaps, that the Doctor would hang out with these lower class degenerates - Barney's just above grade level "Street Bum". Either way, I can't blame you, Voyager, for contributing to the near destruction of the Trek franchise. You were just a fictional tv show! The real villains - like, worse than many of the Huns (not Attila though, dude was a badass) - were the Producers, Berman and Braga. I think they've since been shunned to remote Arctic islands, never to Produce (or Executive Produce) again. Hurrah!

But the damage has already been done....


l.e.s.ter said...

Fair enough, your points are valid. Interesting to see how dated the 90s can look. I'm glad that the LeisureWorld vision of the future got derailed. Huzzah for the demise of Mom Jeans, Tom Paris.

Lenny dressed as 7 of 9? OMFG.

Redshirt said...

I'm not sure it's such a good thing. The hipster look seems endemic these days, at least in the neighborhoods I walk in.