In my Tribe

Normally, we wear blocks of cheese on our heads - we are known as the Cheeseheads, after all - but on festive occasions, we will wear our hallowed stadium on our heads instead. All praise to Lambeau, Home of the Frozen Tundra.

Seriously, I still can't believe the Pats lost to the damn Jets. Damn. Congrats to the Pack though - twas a fine championship run, and given the almost pure socialism of the public corporation known as "The Green Bay Packers", I can't think of a better team to win in the league. Patriots excepted, of course. Because, freedom, and America, and stuff?

But anywho, here's a fun game: Look at any behavior, any clothing, any music, anything you like (manmade), and try and trace back the tribal themes as far back as you can. It's pretty easy, I think, since we are, like all mammals, tribal creatures, and no matter how sophisticated, wise, or savvy we think we are, we're still just biological creatures, bound by the same genetic pressures driving all other living things. And mammals herd.

Biology/Genetics can explain almost any living behavior. If you believe that, then, what exactly are you? But a Cheesehead, in this case?


l.e.s.ter said...

You have totally inspired me to get a Lambeau lip plate!

Redshirt said...

You could have NFL team logo lip plates. Choose your team, man!

Redshirt said...

My previous comment disappeared in the Great Blogger Outage of Aught 11. Oh, the suffering!

Anyways, it was something witty, I'm sure.