Fleeced (Lambs and Conlions)

Hmm. If you're asking the question, I bet I can guess the answer: No? After all, Heaven is whatever you want it to be, and only the people you approve of get access. Ultimately, there is only one Scotsman who gets to go - being the True Scotsman, of course.

Speaking of: Hey! World still here. What a shock! But failed prophecies of DOOM are nothing new. Here's a blast from the past - world's gonna end in 1843 brah:
The Bible guarantees it! Or not. We're all imperfect sinners, after all - so check your math.

I must say, this whole 052111 phenomena has been incredibly interesting to me - I first heard of it 4-5 months ago, when I came across a picture of a foolish billboard foretelling end times - I took it as a local loon with a couple of hundred bucks to spend. But then I heard more and more about it, till it broke out into widespread culture. This depressed me at first, mildly, lamenting the ignorance of my Fellow Sheep - why do they fall for this crap? No idea. But then, I can't fathom how anyone with half a brain and a drop of compassion can vote Republican.

Overlapping demographics! I bet 95% of the folks who got sucked up into this 052111 con are also Republicans, Tea Baggers and Wingnuts the lot of them. Folks hooked on dogma, a small, small percentage of the overall population but their screeches are given global megaphones - for some reason!

Anyways, at first depressed at the fools; yet, over the past couple of weeks, I've turned 180 on the whole matter, as the mockery of 052111 also became widespread in mainstream culture. The Boston Phoenix dedicated their last issue to an awesome mockery; it's become the goto late night talkshow joke. Listening to the radio the last few days, rock and sports dj's  alike have been ruthless in their sarcasm. It's been wonderful to see skepticism so strongly displayed - hope, yet!

Maybe, just maybe, the utter and complete joke that was this latest End Times proclamation, and the widespread mockery of it, will be enough to convince some of these sheep - some, not all, mind you - that indeed, blindly following dogma is stupid. Get it? How much money do you have to lose before you stop getting conned (I heard Camping's group has raked in some 100 million over the last couple of years)? Get a brain, morans!
 (FYI: This is a rare alternate angle to the "Get a Brain, Morans!" photo we've all come to love.)

Some, not all.
Brainwashing, tradition, intimidation, etc, will ensure the dogma rolls on. But if with every year, every generation, the ranks of the skeptics grow, and the blind zealots lessen, than that, friends, is progress. I pray to FSM this joke we just lived through - just fine, thanks! - can pull some from one group to the other. For all our benefit.


skramly said...

But no one who votes Republican has half a brain or a drop of compassion.

Redshirt said...

There's some smart ones, no doubt, but evil. Hard to believe there's many compassionate ones. Evil and compassion don't often go together.

vera lynn said...

I think I saw a headline that this preacher had a stroke today...didn't read it though, so he may be dead. sad if he is, he missed it by *holding forefinger and thumb very close together* this much.....or maybe he'll hang on to fleece some more people before October 21st gets fathers birthday, btw...

vera lynn said...

and after the last 2 1/2 years, I don't think there are any smart repubs left....if there are, they are cowards for letting their party be controlled by the people who now control it

Redshirt said...

You can be smart and a coward. Think of how many rich folks who you might otherwise consider "a good person" support Republicans because all they care about are taxes - that is, don't tax me, brah! Shortsighted, greedy, selfish, but not necessarily evil or cowardly.