Awesome News (Almost Here)!

Such a strange, sad psychology - actively excited at the thought of the death of billions of people. Consider that fully.

Well, the day is here. END TIMES! And yet, it's a bit worrisome that we've not yet heard of killer monster earthquakes in New Zealand and Australia - since the Rapture is supposed to start at 6PM local time, today. Maybe there's no Chosen in Christchurch? Still, as God's Preferred Timezone - EDT, baby! - I'll wait till 6 here before I rest easy.

I mean, how could so many sincere people be so wrong?
See you on the other side, sinners.


l.e.s.ter said...

I wonder if there are "Keep Christ in Christchurch" bumper stickers in New Zealand. Yes, those ladies look sincere enough. I wonder how many end times pick-up lines they had to endure. Good luck with 6pm, brother. I am already in my safe room.

Redshirt said...

If they aren't, there should be.

6:20 here at the compound - the earthquake is late...

l.e.s.ter said...

An hour and ten minutes left. I am considering climbing down from the roof and re-racking the guns. Sigh.

Redshirt said...

Maybe you just don't know anyone who got Raptured. NYC is pretty wicked, afterall.