Champagne Toasts

Here's to you, Captain Kirk. Or Evil Kirk, more likely - hey: Who's evil doppelganger wouldn't be cooler than the original? By definition, methinks. So don't take it personally.

Seriously, if anyone you know or meet says they love Voyager, run. Do it fast, do it subtly, do it somewhere inbetween, but just do it. It's an awful show, and highlights the Fall of Trek in obvious fashion - concurrently with the decline of American culture. Co-incidence? Probably not.
Poconos resort premier room. Now defunct and derelict, of course. Another concurrent process with the demise of America.

Also, have I ever told you how much I LOVE hyperbole?


Anonymous said...

Very amusing post. Thanks )

l.e.s.ter said...

Hmm. I could never get into DS9 (kind of soap opera-y, despite the barracks-like setting), but I was a big Voyager fan. Yes, there were some weak characters (Neelix), and some shitty episodes, and the finale was a travesty (clearly written and directed by people who knew nothing about the show or the "rules" of Star Trek), but within those limitations there were several excellent episodes. It's no Enterprise, is what I'm saying.

Redshirt said...

A "Big fan"? Or you enjoyed it? I need to know! Would you watch it again, eagerly, for example?

No doubt, there were good parts of Voyager. But the series as a whole was a failure, in my mind, for not only wasting an awesome idea (ship on the other side of the galaxy, alone), but providing the template for the dumbing down of Trek. 7 of 9 is the most obvious and clear example.

l.e.s.ter said...

Big fan. I would love to watch it again (at least the cool ones, which is just as much true for TNG -- not much interest in sitting through any Wes episodes any time soon). To me, the Abrams' stuff dumbs down ST. 7 of 9 is classic "what if" ST material -- what happens to a Borg separated from the hive mind? How much can be recovered, and how much will never be human again?

Redshirt said...

Hmm. 7 of 9 was cool in theory, and in some actual episodes. But it was pretty obvious why she was on the show, and came to dominate the show, and it wasn't for the heady plots.

Also, she was sleeping with the producer.

And yes, Neelix. And Chakotay. And crazy Janeway.

The only character I thought interesting on the show was the holographic doctor.

That said, I watched every episode. I'm nuts like that. The last season I think ruined everything for me.

Did you ever watch the relaunch of Battlestar Galactica? That was the show Voyager should have been. Gritty.

You ever notice how many shuttles Voyager went through? How she never really had a scratch? How's that?!

l.e.s.ter said...

Yes, the last season tarnished the legacy. But if you did a tight edit of the best 10 episodes, I think it would hold its own. I did see the new Battlestar, and I enjoyed the few I watched. Definitely gritty.

Speaking of gritty, I've gotten really into Breaking Bad. Filmed in Albuquerque.

Anonymous said...

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Redshirt said...

Yeah - you could pull 10 Voyager episodes and compare them favorably to any other series.

Does "Breaking Bad" feature space travel, sci-fi, magic, or some other weird twist? Otherwise, I'm not likely to watch. I'm a huge nerd.

l.e.s.ter said...

Breaking Bad is all about chemistry! Science nerds triumphing over the forces of ignorance and thuggery. I'm pretty sure the pilot is free online: check it out and see what you think (and enjoy the louche Albuquerque background.)