Mayday! 3 Weeks Left for Sinnin'

Less than three weeks, actually. So get it now while you can, repent at the last minute, and then get raptured alongside all those Saintly suckers who've been living the Holy life their whole lives... fools! Last minute is the best minute.

I've been following this 05/21/11 apocalypse cult a bit more, and was surprised to learn this is a nationwide, maybe even international movement. Not just some crazy church and a billboard. I'd link you to some of their sites, but frankly I don't want to give the wackos any extra energy.

All you really need to know is for no obvious reason, these Fundie Wackjobs think Jesus will be back on 5/21, with The Rapture - never mentioned in the Bible, by the way - and then 6 months or so of terror and horror as demons and evil runs rampant across the land, with the world being utterly destroyed in October - apparently, there's still a chance to get into Heaven after this period if you were not at first Raptured.

There's little chance the arrival of 5/22 and no Jesus will convince these fools to abandon their various insanities, so might as well mock them, right? I mean, look at these vehicles:
Surprisingly, it goes on and on like this. Who knew?

Well, I'm off to sin. Back in a while.


Anonymous said...

Repent: Last minute is the best minute.

I'd buy that bumper sticker!

JGabriel said...

Please, God, I pray to you, make me good.

But not yet!


Redshirt said...

If it was good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for a bumper sticker.

Anonymous said...

Only 16 days until these morons are removed from this earthly den of iniquity, and we are rid of them forever?

Hallelujah indeed!

And thanks for the heads-up on the grace period to follow. I thought I was going to miss my birthday.

Redshirt said...

Yeah, when all the God Botherers are gone, we can party for reals. At last! Free at last!