The Enemy Within

Sums it up. The Devil is all fire and horns and darkness, and Jesus is sunshine and doves and groovy 70's beards. But this mythological opposition began far earlier than Jesus, and The Enemy is present in many disparate legends, in many different forms (Mazda, yo). And since there is no such thing as a Devil, a supernatural "Enemy", then, one must ask: Why this persistent element to man's mythologies?

Clearly, the Enemy is a way to both explain and rationalize actions a society considers "bad". It is both the fear to be avoided, and the cause for every fall from grace. It's a psychological release valve, and a means of control. But once you realize this, of course, there's nothing to it. You are the cause of your fears, and it's in your power to control them, or be controlled by them.

As such:
I've always suspected the whole crew - God, Jesus, Satan, Gabriel, Beelzebub, the lot of them, were all in league together. Good cop, bad cop con (READ JOB DUDE!). It works, as long as you never look behind the curtain - as in here. Hanging out after work.
Jesus is a pretty cool dude, though.  Hangs out with everyone.
Spoiler alert! Jesus takes a beating at first, but comes out on top. Yay!

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