The Passion of The Sisko

Take your time. There's lots to absorb.

Have you watched Star Trek:Deep Space Nine? I know of many Trekkies who have not - and I did not, at first, when it originally aired, thinking it a crass knockoff by assumption alone (I was, and am, a Fool). But lo, was I wrong. Verily. I watched the entire show greedily in 2001 and was blown away. I've never watched it since, and am a bit afraid to do so, actually, since I'm fairly certain it won't live up to my memories of it, and thus, another totem, fallen. I've only got a few left, so I've started to cherish them.

For instance:
Nah. I've got no point here. I just wanted to post this wicked cool drawing. Art!

I have no idea who either artist is, but I am confident the same person did not draw both of these. So, to the 2 folks out there in this beautiful, terrible world, thanks! You rock. These are awesome.

Especially of The Sisko, hallowed be the Prophets (Wormhole Aliens).

Also too: Wolf 359 Never Forget


Blue Collared Snob said...

I love DS9 and also didn't get to watch it well until several years after it was finished. I don't know if I could set through another all day marathon of DS9 but it would be nice to drop in to see Sisko or Dax or especially Miles and Beshear.

Redshirt said...

Cool! I might give it a re-watch shortly, since there's only so many times in a row I can watch Lost (best sci-fi show ever).

Don't forget Worf! Or my favorite Klingon, Martok. Badass Martok.

DS9 was so deep and rich compared to its siblings, Voyager and especially Enterprise, which I thought was horrible, and I - SHAME! - stopped watching before the show was mercifully axed.

The cultural dynamics are wonderful - Cardassians and Bajorans; Klingons and Humans; we even got your classic Vulcan - Romulan angst. And let us not forget the Ferengi, who were perhaps the worst aspect of the show in my opinion, but still had lots of good moments in various episodes.

And of course, The Dominion. Awesome bad guys.