Time to prepare

So, there's a running super inside nerd joke regarding Batman, one that the various writers of the many Batman stories are in on: If given enough time to prepare, Batman can and will defeat any opponent. Any. Superman? No problem. Jesus? Sure. Robo-Jesus? HE'D FIND A WAY!

The point being, I take it, is that Batman's real power is his mind, and will, and ability to analyze a situation and best exploit it. A human power, in other words, rather than super powers.

He's still super, though. So don't kid yourselves, kids: Just putting on a mask will not grant you super-detective powers. Nor protect you from a charging bull.

Spot quiz: How would you deal with being caught with a bull in fairly tight quarters? You have time to prepare, so maybe you should think about it for a bit, before it happens to you (for ex: traveling through Europe, new age style - talking/texting on your iPhone - you mistakenly amble into Pamplona, full of bulls).

Also, too?
This guy's ready for a bull.

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