Cult o' Snuggie

In the year 2020 a comet passes between the Earth and Moon, wrenching the Moon's orbit asunder, sending the Earth into an age of Sorcery and Super Science. From the ashes arose the Cult o' Snuggie, effectively warmed yet with their hands free to cast spells and hit points and what nots. What can you do, mortal, with a simple blanket?

There is indeed a better way.


Lauren Sheil said...

and what's with the mini Snowboard on thier heads?

Redshirt said...

Ha! It's the free LED reading light that comes with the purchase of a Snuggie!

It's a nice look I think.

vera lynn said...

people scare me

Redshirt said...

Me too - I like these guy's style very much though.

Anonymous said...

love it... what a bunch of 'space cadets'