The Courtship of Bob "The Bat" Batarski

Bob Batarski, Class of 1984. A shop kid, Bob wasn't what you'd call "destined for great things", but he could fix any Ford engine laid before him. Considering, for example, the Pinto, this could be considered a "great thing", yeah?
Drunk on watermelon on a warm Summer day, anything could happen and sometimes a moment leads to a lifetime of commitment (or imprisonment).

Like with most things in this world, Bob likes it upside down.

Warning! Animal Anatomy ahoy! Only click through if you are prepared to see Bob laid out quite revealingly...

Oh wait, wrong picture.
Quite human-like, eh? But this makes sense, since bats are mammals, humans are mammals, we're actually quite similar in most ways. Consider this though: This particular species of bat has the largest penis to body size ratio of any mammal, and they are sexually prolific. They're the big studs of the mammal world, and deserve the largest and loudest of fur coats to celebrate the fact.

Not that I'm regularly researching such facts, mind you.


l.e.s.ter said...

For me, Bob hanging upside down is freakier than the genitalia. If that lady isn't a full-time bat zoologist, I'm way impressed.

Redshirt said...

That is a damn large bat. But it's a harmless fruit bat, and is really just a fuzzy wuzzy fox - with bat wings. Also, she could be very small. They'd make interesting pets if raised from birth, I suspect...