Symbols, Ruined

Where do you draw the line between co-incidence and intent?
Utah is NOT to be trusted.
Remember "The Theosophical Society"? Me neither. Wikipedia does though.
The swastika is one of the oldest symbols used by mankind. This is the Samarra Bowl, dated circa 4000BCE.
The swastika was a Native American symbol long before the White Devil showed up from the East. Here's the Proto-Lakers, 1909. The symbol was  quite popular as a good luck charm in the Western world pre-1935 or so. Ruined, by that nasty ass Hitler and his master propagandists. Don't ever underestimate the power of propaganda.
Did you know about this? Read about this? Prior to WW2, American kids gave the old "Roman Salute" to the American flag before class. This sign of allegiance, as suggested by the name, goes back directly to the Romans. Makes sense, right? It's pretty basic. Another symbol ruined by Hitler - truly, perhaps, the greatest monster in mankind's history. And not just for the body count, though that of course is big stone. But rather the cold calculation of it all. 

We are right to be afraid of this - science used in the pursuit of power and control - but I fear it's inevitable.

Liberal media. Washington Post story blurb - they could have chose any picture, right? But they chose a random hand gesture to make it appear Chancellor Merkel is giving the old Sieg Heil. She wasn't, but gosh, here's some proof otherwise.

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