Memories of Pumas Past

Remember Hillary V. Barack? Good times. Nerve wracking - I've never followed politics that intently before. Twas my sport and obsession. Just for the record, I still love President Obama, and think he's doing a fantastic job. Don't agree with every decision that has happened, but I trust him, completely, so I don't worry about it. That may sound naive, but I've been SO impressed by everything I know about Barack Hussein Obama that I simply have faith in his leadership abilities, and don't see the point nor feel the need to second guess him. I'd place any blame far elsewhere: Blue Dogs, the Senate, the House, the American people (27% of them on average), and of course, the true villain of the times, the Repuglican Party. Feel to mock me as some brainwashed Obot. I don't care - I know I'm right.

Anyways, I wonder if this lady - if still alive - is fervently anti-Obama these days. Many Pumas morphed into this weird coalition of Tea Bag Lites, Liberal version. I don't care to understand, really, since the only reason she could be anti-Obama is because of race, and that's boring. Hateful and sadly so predictable. Let's move on.

Did you know more women than men smoke in the US of A? Also, that more women go to college than men these days? By a sizable percentage. I'm all for it, since I hope I live long enough to see the day when women take their rightful place as leaders of all human societies - as it should be. Men cannot be trusted, and should only serve as manual labor or studs on the farm - the typical role in most mammal societies. I mean, look at the evidence! Men are the perpetrators of what, 98% of all the war and destruction and crime rained down upon our species, for its entire existence? The verdict is easy: GUILTY!

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