Amazon Women on the Barricades

This is a test shot from the original Wonder Woman TV show  - wonder why they didn't go with this outfit?
 Another test shot - closer to the mark. Wonder Woman of course was an Amazon princess somehow transported to modern times, and used her magic bracelets and lasso to fight crime. For some reason. Did you know the real Amazons are theorized to come from modern day Ukraine? Then called Sarmatia, up the road from Scythia. Lots of cool myths, half legends, conjecture, and maybe some fact. Read here.

I was thinking - as is my wont - that the gender equality we've created in America (not yet perfect, but getting closer all the time) sure is a double edged sword. Work sucks, and I suppose if trends continue, women will be fighting in the Empire's wars as often as men. Is this a good thing? Shouldn't we strive to hold onto a reliable, large group of people who are usually steadfastly for peace? Rather than raising more warriors?

Also, since I'm turning super Marxist, I tend to think of everything political these days from the perspective of "how will it benefit the ultra-fat cats?" The fat cats only want a few things: Power, money, and more of each please. More money is always a goal, and one way to do this is to pay as little as possible for labor. Slavery is the best (free!), but hard to maintain these days. So the goal then is to get as close to slavery while maintaining the illusion of freedom. Sounds like the last 30 years of American politics, right?

So, be careful what you wish for ladies. Equality is great, but with it comes a different type of oppression at the hands of The Man. 

The answer is Unions, of course. People power. All the people - since, as soon as some people accept that other people aren't as good as them, or don't deserve something they do, etc, The Man will use this division amongst the Peoples and deploy the age old divide and conquer strategy, which I think almost always works. Alas.


l.e.s.ter said...

If we don't prepare our women to be warriors, aren't we going to sacrifice our military advantage to cultures that do? Amazing camel toe on that first Wonder Woman prototype uniform. I'd like to see the Chinese do better than that!

l.e.s.ter said...

In a related bit of serendipity, I like how the quote of the day lines up.

Redshirt said...

Everyone who's studied history can attest: Washington Irving knew the ladies.

Also, there's a new Wonder Woman movie coming out this summer. I hope it's Chinese financed.