A Mustache, Ruined

For shame, one man can ruin a mustache for everyone (save the insane and/or depraved). That area is hard to shave, and it's not like Hitler invented it, or the mustache had anything to do with his horrible deeds. The mustache is innocent! And yet, it suffers the consequences of Hitler's evil doings. 

Also, bar codes. Pretty evil too, am I right?

Also also: Art is amazing in its power to convey so much with so little - it's our brain that does the heavy lifting. Here, red, white, and black in a few simple lines and all is revealed. Symbols, man.


sonja said...

cant there be something between awesome and lame? I have often thought the same of that style stache. Ruined for all of eternity. But its ok...not really a good look anyway

Redshirt said...

It is a good look! Check out any pictures of Europeans from 1900-1930 - tons of people are rocking that stylish stache.

Michael Jordan is trying to bring it back, bless him.