A Different Future

But if one cartoon butterfly flaps her wings over a storybook licorice meadow, presto whammo! Anime future, where we humans evolve into characters from a Pokemon card deck, or some such - I don't know. I'm too old for these games, these new memes (just new spins on the same old same old, as all things are). I know the young folks like 'em, and so here's to you, distracted youth of the future!

Goth kids go and ruin everything. Truly - click for big on this pic and behold the horrors. I wish I could attribute it properly to the artist, but alas, no idea. And really, even if I remembered the "person" who created it, would attributing it to "BlackAngle11" or whatever silly internet "handle" you want to make up on some Internet discussion board really mean anything anyways? The future is anonymous and absurd.

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