Let the hate flow through you

It reassures me, in some small ways, that crazy right wingers have always been part of America. They've always been filled with hate of the Other  - whomever the Other of the day happens to be. They are used by their hate and their fear as a political bloc by the rich and powerful to fight any Progressive action in America. And they mostly lose - even today.

Alas, today they have dedicated TV and radio channels spewing their poison 24/7, and so it seems like their influence is large. And it is, in compared to the past. But they are still a small minority of people, no matter how loud they scream.

Push back. Counter hate with love, lies with truth, insanity with logic. Be patient. Use the Force.


l.e.s.ter said...

It's amazing how consistent that pursed-smug look has been among the women of this movement across multiple generations.

Redshirt said...

Frozen in time, as Jesus and Washington wished it.

muddy said...

That child is just chilling.

Redshirt said...

We are what our parents teach us to be, in many ways. For some, in most ways. For a few, nothing at all - they've escaped the past.