Remember Benghazi?

If you don't follow politics, specifically the state sponsored insanity that is the American Republican Party and its followers, you might not know what the heck is the significance of Benghazi. But rest assured, because neither do the Wingnuts who rage on about it. New Rule! If anyone you know brings up Benghazi in a sincere manner, de-friend them immediately. This belief is a touchstone for the insane Wingnut.
OMG! Employees of the American government died during a terrorist attack! What a conspiracy! What an outrage! Seriously, that's it. 4 folks, unfortunately, died during a terrorist attack on a CIA undercover base. But hey...
I'm not even blaming W. - shit went down, terrorism wise, in the years 1990 -2008. Lots of people died, unfortunately in all cases, and it's a damn shame. Do you hear the Wingnuts bleating about any of the above attacks? Of course not - know why?
He's "Black", don't ya know?

And awesome. Best President since Teddy.

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