Thrall to a system

This is a terrible joke, and I apologize.
Have you heard about this? Read about this? Wolf Blitzer (what a name!) played Celebrity Jeopardy a few years back and was terrible. He doesn't know anything, apparently. But then, you don't need to know anything to host a long running news program on CNN, the most trusted name in news.
Imagine a world where the most avowed Christians are also the most hateful people possible. What if - just asking questions here - what if Satan had actually taken over Christianity, and all Christians are really working on behalf of The Dark Lord?

Prosperity Gospel!


Patricia Kayden said...

Where was the photo of the "N" word-wearing idiot taken? It's amazing that someone would get away with wearing that shirt.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere in Florida.

Whenever you have to ask yourself "Where could someone do that?!", Florida is always a safe guess.

muddy said...

Don't complain about his name, it's probably the only reason he has the job in the 1st place.

Redshirt said...

Wolf Blitzer sounds like an American military operation, like invading Argentina or something. Operation Wolf Blitzer!

muddy said...

I used to know a guy called Wolfgang Schmidt, he sadly died and so I always buy the Wolfschmidt vodka even tho it's not top shelf.

In Operation Wolf Blitzer they would all wear Santa beards as part of their camo. Ideally it should be someplace cold, so they can wear the snow camo to go with the beard. Optics.