I forget

I'm too hip to watch TV, so I have no idea what the TV talked about today in regards 911. My sources on the Intertubes were remarkably muted. So muted I said to myself, "Redshirt, I think we're finally over 911 in some significant sense." Even the 911 jokes were kinda lame. As such!
A stylish 911 shirt.
Have some 911 candy! The nougat filling is made of irony.
Plenty of folks got 911 birthdays, and who could forget that? No one, never!

What I'll never forget is the way 911 was used by some in power to gain more power, and to engage in acts of empire. And get filthy rich. Never forget that, and the way the event is used to manipulate you. Laugh instead, even if you suffered tragedy. Because tragedy will always happen - it just happens, sometimes. It need not be a Kristallnacht. And so as I said before, I mock. I laugh. I post stupid jokes. Why not? The real terror is this reality.

To end with perhaps an actual funny joke, click below - but beware! Boobies.

I LOL'd.


l.e.s.ter said...

Nipples squirting flaming breast milk would really cap that sequence. Starting work on that now.

Redshirt said...

"Nipples squirting flaming breast milk" feels like an important phrase. One that needs to be amplified.

Please share your work.