Technological Terror

Don't forget! Disney bought Star Wars, and thus there is soon to be a new movie. And why not? Star Wars is still hugely popular, and any new film guaranteed to print money. But will it be good?
Being a nerd from the Internet, I don't think it will be. That it can be. Because the first 6 movies are really the story of a Sith Lord named Sidious, or you might know him as The Emperor. While the Skywalker family is the focus of the movies, it is the man also known as Palpatine that is the driving force behind all the movies, and everything happens because of him. Like Sauron, who is "The Lord of The Rings", all action in the story of Star Wars is in response to something Palpatine does, or has caused to happen. But now, technically, he's dead, and the new movie cannot (or should not!) feature him.

And thus, the odds of VII being a good Star Wars movie is small, since the main agent of the movies is gone. Bring back Luke, and Leia, and Han, and it doesn't really matter. There's no villain Disney can come up with better than Darth Sidious.
One of the best villains in fiction. Why? Lots of reasons, but not least of which he does many of his evil deeds posing as a respectable Senator,
 and then later Supreme Chancellor.
He's only mentioned in A New Hope. He appears as a hologram, once, in The Empire Strikes Back. He's a key piece of the conclusion in Return of the Jedi. He's the star of the Prequels. Let's take a moment to appreciate this aspect of the Prequels, even if you don't like them overall. Good villains are a treasure of mythology.

Remember! Vader - the Chosen One - is only a lackey to Darth Sidious. So, three cheers for the true Dark Lord of The Sith! Let us lament his fictional passing.


Blue Collared Snob said...

Yea, after reading this I just realized who exactly are they going to have as a villain. I've been so caught up about all the other characters coming back that I failed to think about what exactly are they going to be struggling against other than dropping 30lbs before the start of filming.
Of course it doesn't really matter they could make a CGI toaster that used Force Lighting to make toast and it would still make the studio money. Movies aren't about story anymore but about Product Branding. Star Wars is my Brand, here's my money. Being any good is almost an accident so it seems.

Redshirt said...

I know they brought Palpatine back in the EU novels (as a Force spirit that inhabited a clone body), but gosh I hope they don't.

And since Vader and Palpatine died together, there should be no more Sith. So I assume the only villains left for the new movie would be some Dark Jedi type character.