The New King James

Yeah, they should totally update the Bible for the 21st century and beyond. More pictures would be awesome, as well as Spiderman and friends. The movie rights would be huge.


Marmot said...

When I was a kid, I read the Picture Bible. I think it really drove home how implausible much of that stuff is. Like the story about the kid fooling his blind grandpa (or whomever -- great uncle?) about his identity by putting hairy goatskin on his arm.

The old man is like "lemme feel thy arm, that I may be sure of thy bona fides. Hm. Yep! Thou always felt like a goat!" And the picture has some furry brown animal hide tied to the kid's arm with string. Huh?

Redshirt said...

It's an analogy! Except of course when a wise elders decides its not.

My only true encounter with the bible was as a small child too, and my great-grandma gave me a bible picture book. Some cool pictures, but the picture of the green, lizard winged devil kinda scared me.

Thankfully, I soon discovered Spiderman, and knew Spidey could handle it.

Marmot said...

Green and winged, you say? That definitely sounds like the Vulture was up to his near-prehistoric old tricks.