Pretty Fly

Awesome shirt, Pappy! That's some hippy shit, right there.

And for your daily moment of despair, try and imagine any current Republican in any way celebrating or even noting Earth Day. Go ahead, I'll wait....

That said, Pappy would stand zero chance of winning any national position in today's Republican party. Not isane enough, by far.


l.e.s.ter said...

Heh. I wonder if that ended up as a shirt to wear while washing the car. Kyoto is pretty indicative of what happened between generations there.

Redshirt said...

I find it hard to believe Pappy ever washed a car. But Bill...

We were fairly close to passing Kyoto back in the day, but no dice, thanks to guess who? But imagine even coming close today? Hell, we just voted down a UN treaty for disabled rights that is specifically modeled after our own ADA. Irony, right Bob Dole?

Marmot said...

Their hatred for environmentalists -- displaced onto the environment itself, nowadays -- is a recent development. And a shocking one. A Repub environmentalist I heard on NPR awhile ago blamed Al Gore, whose advocacy turned Repubs against the cause. Because that's totally rational.

I surveyed about 80 people at a Tax Day rally -- a sort-of Tea Party thing -- at the TX Capitol back in 2010 (?), and in the section where they listed their attitudes toward various issues, the environment responses were stunningly negative. For no reason I could see.

Redshirt said...

I'm impressed you surveyed idiots at a Tea Bagger rally. It must have been a fascinating experience.

Their complete "opposite thought" is relatively new, from Reagan on. Anything Liberals are for, they're against. Whether they used to be for it before, or not.

Logic doesn't matter. Truth doesn't matter. Facts don't matter. All that matters is opposing the Other Team.

Marmot said...

Thanks! I'd been laid off recently, so I thought I'd do something interesting.

Funny thing about that experience. There were two events: one was a rally at the TX Capitol, and the other was a talk by Gingrich at the Marriott (or some other hotel), and the crowds were very different.

The Capitol rally drew the oddball Libertarians that're so prominent 'round here. The Gingrich talk got the nutty Bircher-style retirees and so forth.

The Libertarians have held such Tax-Day things for decades, using the "tea party" moniker many times, iirc. It kind-of seemed that their usual bullshit got hijacked by Birchers. If I'd known, I would've designed questions to characterize diffs between the groups.

Not that I think Libertarians will actually protest interference by nutball conservatives. But maybe there's a wedge there, somewhere.

Redshirt said...

Fascinating insights. Thanks Marmot!

I agree, there is/was a split with the Birchers that's been bridged with modern Republicans. The Birchers ARE the Republicans these days, and now they're in a game of who can be Birchier.

The wedge might be sanity/insanity.