Always Worse

Another McNaughton, the Wingnuttiest painter there's ever been. Maybe - he's pretty Freepy. Check out the all star quarantine island of liberal hood: Katie Couric, David Letterman, Satan. Also, note the wind turbines on the left causing the tornado on the upper right. Wind power is of the devil, cuz: Liberals. The source of everything bad, you see, according to a Wingnut. A Teabagger. A Republican.
I read a summarized collection of current FreeRepublic posts - I'd rather not wade in directly. For you see, it is a pit of hate and stupidity, fear and rampant paranoia. They were of course cheering the Zimmerman verdict. Why? To piss off Liberals. That explains just about everything about them, by the way - they just want to piss off Liberals. They're crazed, as if possessed by some vile demon given to wanton hatred and disgust. And they've always been with us:
They used to be called "Birchers", after their membership or affinity for The John Birch Society - a collection of far right whackos. But they used to be fringe, on the margins, made fun of, not taken seriously by anyone serious. Now, however, they are the Republican Party, and they are literally at war with America.
They believe they are in a war, and are acting as such. Everything you see on Fox News is a propaganda element in their war. Believe it, for though it seems hyperbolic and unrealistic, these things are really happening. The Republicans have the chance to send the world financial system into depression in a few months, by not raising the borrowing limit of the USA. This has been done automatically hundreds of times in past administrations, it's routine. But not anymore, for once again the Republicans of the House (and they only - a small percentage of the US Government holding the rest hostage - it's breathtaking in the audacity) will play with the fate of the very modern world, over what? Better healthcare insurance for poor people? This is it, by the way. But hey, that's what evil does: Evil.


l.e.s.ter said...

"Danger Gun Free Zone"? Sheesh.

Redshirt said...

Astounding, is it not? But they sincerely believe shit like that. They're insane.