Justice in the FL

So, I've learned that if you're black teenager wearing a hoodie walking on the street in Florida, you should expect to get shot, in self defense. Cuz, you know, hoodies are threatening, and if you feel threatened in "Stand Your Ground" states - well, blast away. You'll walk. As long as you're not black.

Justice. And Freedom! And the right to murder, as the Founders intended.

Another Founder intention:
America, Land of the Free.


Ben Cisco said...

The only relevant thing that came out of this “trial” is something many of us already knew – black life is expendable. To be disappointed in the verdict indicates that one expected a just outcome in the first place. That so many people of all walks of life are disappointed, and by extension expected a just outcome, is comforting in that it holds at bay the complete and utter despair that I would otherwise feel. Non-NeoConfederates in general, and people of color in particular, have been under intensified attack since November 4, 2008. The complete and utter hatred that these people have for us has driven them completely mad, to the point where not only will they block any and all laws that would benefit the American people, they will go out of their way to enact laws that would aggressively harm those citizens – including their own supporters. There is apparently no line they will not cross, no conspiracy they won’t embrace, no level of hell they won’t attempt to subject us to – all in the name of their false supremacy.

I fear that they are creating their own self-fulfilling prophecy. After all, If you continually put it to people that you consider them less than “real” Americans, less than decent people, less than human, and deserving of being shot down in the street with absolutely no consequences whatsoever, what do you think the eventual outcome might be?

Redshirt said...

Well said. It's equal parts terrifying and positive. Terrifying, because like you say, there is no low they won't stoop to, no terror they won't unleash on themselves on behalf of oligarchs who have so twisted their minds that some poor white trash barely scraping by identifies more with the Koch brothers than a person of color down the road.

That said, unless there really is a full scale civil war, they've already lost. We do indeed have a black President. It was just 50 years ago an official apartheid system was in place in the South. We are making progress, and the majority of us - white, black, red, yellow, all the colors of the rainbow - want that progress. If we act, if we vote, if we speak out, we can counter these troglodytes. They know it too, somewhere down deep in their reptile brains - hence the fear. Hence the lashing out.

It's gonna be ugly, but the worst of them will die soon enough, replaced by a more hopeful, positive generation.

I just hope it's not too late (Global warming will be their final gift to us, and it might doom us all).