Bush Originals

I'm sure you've seen the kinda creepy paintings of W in the bath and shower by now, painted by W himself. Well, look again!

I'm impressed, honestly, for the effort. And I don't think they're that bad - they're not masterpieces, but I'd hang 'em on my wall if my kid painted them - well, not these, actually. Kinda creepy. Like W has to wash off all the blood on his hands, but it never washes out! But in a far happier theme:
Behold, Bush originals, ready for the gallery - and if I owned an art gallery I'd totally exhibit them, unironically. Let the protestors bring the irony (and $$$).
The artist himself with some new pieces - look at the cute puppies! And W looks so happy. Good for him! Art is its own reward.
I'll give W some more credit - he's mostly kept out of the limelight. He could have had a disastrous role if he had played into the Tea Party anger. But no, relatively classy as hell. So, despite all the horrors and terrors of his two terms, despite his loathsome supporters (an unironic bumper sticker above), I say to you W: Enjoy your painting!


Blue Collared Snob said...

I don't think Bush could spur on more Tea Party rage they consider him to liberal.
I had a lot of friends that despised Bush but I could never reach that level of animosity for the man. His administration and presidency yes were completely terrible and helped wreck the country with a lot of help from the Republican Controlled Congress. He always seemed to me to be just another lazy ass executive who'd rather just assign all the boring tasks to subordinates while he played golf or cleared brush.
Bush was no Nixon, a man in control of his subordinates and always pulling the strings. If anything I'd say that would be Cheney while Bush was just a figurehead.
It kind of shows to this day, one is doing finger paints while the other is trying to get his daughter elected into the Senate and still making speeches against Obama.

Redshirt said...

I don't know man. Teabaggers don't require consistency or integrity. If Bush came out all vocal against Obama, he could have really whipped up the nutbags. It doesn't take much, after all.

Bush was an idiot, to be sure, and but a little Yankee Princeling really, but at least he's kept mostly quiet since leaving office.