It's a Joke

Technically, in comic book logic, this makes perfect sense. A man of stone would be immune to Medusa's powers, and thus able to behead her with ease. Or, strike up a conversation - it's the 21st century, man. You don't necessarily have to kill every Gorgon you see.
Or? Here's real merchandise from the early 1900's South. Ain't it charming? And today of course, racist collectors ensure art like this goes for good money, relative to a redneck's perspective.

Isn't it funny?! Little babies left out on a log in alligator country, ready to be eaten like popcorn. Someone's darling children - and all children are darling.

Implied in the word "bait", of course, there is a fine Southern Gentleman somewhere offscreen with a gun pointed at the alligator. That was the whole point afterall, right?

It's a sick state of mind, and too prevalent still. Especially in "The South".

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