I've become a single issue voter these days: Stop Republicans. The man best in position to do that is Barack Obama, so I support him 100%. As should any good person. And so I don't ever feel the need to debate this policy or that, or whatever revelation that comes out, in fact, I don't question BHO in the least regard while I still hold him sincere and good. Is he, sincere and good? Yes, unequivocally. Disagree with his policies if you must, be at least respect him as sincere and out for the common good.

Is that hypocritical of me? I accuse Republican followers of the same mindless following of their political leaders. But, their leaders are actual evil and are actively doing harm to our country. So, there's a difference! You see?

The first one is OUTRAGEOUS! Literally, it was a "news" story on Fox and Allies. The second picture of course, buried deep in some obscure archive. Who cares?!

The Republican mind at work today, so beware. Even fair seeming or even nice Republicans must support this evil, if they are Republicans.

But let us not end in negativity! Choom Gang, bring it home.
Barry Obama, All American Golden Child. Suck it, Wingnuts.


Marmot said...

Heck, I've got my differences with Obama, sure. But stacked on top of each other, they're not one-tenth the stature of Stop Republicans.

Besides. Seems like a decent guy.

Redshirt said...

Exactly. When the Repuke party is either seriously reformed or dead in the ground, then we can talk about policy differences. Until then, it's not safe.