Red Shirt Is

Green where there was only brown before, forever. It's magical. For comparison:
The harsh light of construction. Does it ever look good? Better always to see the final product than the steps along the way. If consumer you be, rather than producer. Me?
I love the nitty gritty in the production and am often bored with the results. To my detriment!


Anonymous said...

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Redshirt said...

Invite me for a free fishing trip and we'll be best of friends!

l.e.s.ter said...

Weather station? CHOICE.

Redshirt said...

Want to keep track of wind speed to see if a wind turbine makes sense. Conclusion so far: Probably not! Wind turbines for the home are not the power answer I previously thought. Too many issues, too undependable. Wind is not THE answer, though it can play a part for certain things.

For instance, farmers back in the 1800's used them all the time to pump water wells whenever the wind blew enough, which was often enough to supply the necessary water to fill drinking troughs for animals.