Opinions on Skin

Yeah! You tell people what your ignorant beliefs are! That'll show 'em.
Never stop fighting The Man, man.

I still stand back in some shock at how widespread tattoos have come in just a few decades. Twenty years ago they were rare, the province of old vets and motorcycle gangs. And now, everywhere, for, apparently, any stupid reason that crosses peoples minds. Fuck spell check, man!

But hey, tattoos are as old as we are most likely. Check out the iceman's tats (Circa 3500 BCE):
Tattoos probably go back 100,000 years or even more. Though without today's panache, to be sure.


l.e.s.ter said...

Ironically, that ancient tatt is Ice-Manic for "Fuck the Systsem."

Redshirt said...

LOL. Was as true back then as it is now. :)

Blue Collared Snob said...

I guess in another couple thousand years another civilization will wonder what the Ice Woman's Tramp Stamp was really all about.

Redshirt said...

Ha! Exactly.

"Clearly, this was a noble woman of privileged upbringing."