Built on Blood

The Colosseum, a Roman masterpiece. Used for Gladiatorial combat - men killing other men, most times one on one, sometimes with dozens of men fighting. Heck, the Romans flooded the Colosseum and used miniature war ships to have naval battle for the crowds. And it was all about the crowds - bread and circuses. The sport of men killing men was enjoyed for hundreds of years. How many died for this sport? How many more cheered? The Colosseum had an occupancy rate of 50,000. There were gladiatorial arenas all over the Republic/Empire, in every nook and corner. It was the NFL of the Roman era. Consider this when reading of the Spartacus rebellion - he was a gladiatorial superstar, leading a rebellion against the ruling order. Also remember that 40% of the population was enslaved. Slavery sucks, and though true slavery has been banned worldwide (above board), are we not all wage slaves? Forced to work in a system that enforces compliance?

Also too, tooth art rules. And as for bonus rulage, here's the Ludus from Spartacus, training ground of Gladiators:
When I win the MegaPowerBucksBall I shall build a proper Roman villa, with walled yet open garden areas within the space. Roman villas rule.
"Spartacus" employs the "Upstairs/downstairs" trope to the max. Downstairs, as you can see - beside the sheer cliff - is the slaves quarters, and it's grim and brutal. Above is the Dominus' level, and it's open and airy and beautiful, filled with pools, pillars, and marble halls lined with busts. Upstairs for the Master, downstairs for the slave. Is it not still so, in aggregate?

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