Otzi Doodle Do

This is a meme I fully support. Incorporate as much of the ancient past as we can, as feasible, as recommended. No need for human sacrifice, but the art of our ancient grandparents is sacrosanct. Can there be anything more noble than the first displays of symbolic thought? Of the first light of humanity? Nay, says I. 
A reconstruction of Otzi, the dude who got shot by an arrow and stabbed by some knives yet managed to die up the side of the mountain, obviously fleeing. What Otzi did, who will ever know? Maybe he was a murderer. Maybe he was a hero. It's long, long in the past - circa 5500BCE. But what do the lives of that time matter today?
Spare some change?


Marc Goecke said...

Ötzi could never imagine that his body will be known to almost everybody in the world. A world of the future where people measure and observe almost everything that can be measured and observed with mashines that seem like "magic".

Redshirt said...

He could never have even dreamed it. We're living in a sci fi future, and sci fi did not even exist for these folk.