Postcards from Mars (A Study in Tire Tracks)

This is a composite shot made of many pictures taken by the camera atop the Rover "Opportunity". The blacked out area is the only part it can't take a picture of - thus, the blackness. Pretty trippy, eh? And with that: A Study in Tire Tracks:
Tell me that wouldn't look like modern art if blown up and hung in a nice frame.
This is from "Spirit", when it had a broken wheel but was still rolling along. Spirit is considered "dead" now, so pour one out for the Rover who had to fight for everything it got (unlike the golden child Opportunity).
Could be a new title background, maybe, someday. Awfully purty.
The white stuff is silica, and on Earth at least patches like this require water to form.
No tire tracks - the study is over. But damn ain't this beautiful? Butterscotch Valley. And speaking of beautiful, I find these next two shots to be two of the most beautiful photos ever taken in the history of photos - thanks, plucky li'l Rovers!
Click for big, and imagine for a moment you are watching sunset on Mars.
Earth from Mars. Literally! We live on that little dot.

Perspective, man!

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