For reals - many telescopes these days use lasers as tracking signals - the laser beam is shot at the target (it need not reach its target though) and the distortion of the laser beam (through the atmosphere) is recorded, and this distortion rate is then subtracted from the actual mirrors of the telescope, thus producing a much clearer image. SCIENCE! Ever onward.
Our splendid War Machine is of course funding research into using lasers as weapons - and why the heck would they not? Given the clime. You see here a successful test of a ground based laser shooting at a drone a couple thousand feet up, destroying it. It's inevitable, it seems, that our weapons will get more and more sophisticated and powerful. Leading to...? What do you think? I know, right?
Not a laser beam, as far as anyone knows. Search GIS for Borras Norway. They say it's a rocket remainder, but, really? C'mon! Clearly an inter-dimensional portal beaming agents into our reality. Clearly!
A little light show via a medium of bubbles. Light is of course but one sliver of the electromagnetic wavelength, which spans radio waves to X-rays to gamma rays, and everything in between. Lasers are focused light, densely concentrated - since light is photons, particles that can vary in density based on the circumstances.

Point? Everything is weirder than you can imagine.

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