Free Your Mind

Are you afraid of heights? If so, perhaps simply looking at this picture might be enough to make your stomach roll a bit, or hairs to stand up on end, or sweat to burst forth from your sweaty regions. Just a bit?

Fear is a funny thing. It's all in our minds, one way or another, but some fears far more so than others. Fear of heights seems to be a biological reaction largely disconnected from "you" - the controlling part of the brain. Your knees buckle, your mouth dries up, your hands start shaking uncontrollably. Beyond thought. But is it really?

Fear of mice on the other hand? Neurosis, like so many other fears. Collections of repetitive thoughts ("I'm so afraid of mice!").

Agreed? If so, then it's all in your mind, and thus mostly under your control. Free your mind of your own repetitive thoughts, and gain a wider and deeper understanding of this, our reality.

For the record, I have a mild fear of heights that sometimes can get the best of me, but also can be controlled if I calm down and breathe. Breathing is always the answer.

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