Maquis Special Forces

An actual image shown on a major tv news network - N24, from Germany. In their zeal to post something on the OBL killing (remember that? If a republican had been involved, you sure would), they got an image from the great GIS that was actually fan art from a Star Trek online game. Here's a closeup:
Note the phaser, the Bat'leths, and the Klingon skull with eye patch. And oh yeah - the Maquis were either French resistance fighters in WW2, or resistance fighters in the 24th century fighting both Cardassian and Federation oppression.

Nice work, N24!

For reference, here's the actual Seals Team VI patch (every unit gets a patch - it's like Cub Scouts):
Doublethink: We (USA!) must have the biggest military by far, and often use it, for peace. War for peace. Go figure!


l.e.s.ter said...

It is a bitter disappointment that Bat'leths had nothing to do with the death of OBL.

Redshirt said...

Who's to say they weren't? Most of Team 6 went down in a chopper crash a few weeks back. They're not talking.