Fire and Light

Iceland is an amazing land for many reasons, two of which are:
1. Auroras. If you want to see lights in the sky and be reasonably close to civilization, Iceland is your destination of choice. The island is in the band where auroras are common - way up North. Sure, you could go to Northern Alaska, or Siberia, or Greenland, but you'd be out in the cold, harsh, wild. It would suck.
2. Volcanic activity. Other than maybe Hawaii, Iceland is the most volcanic land on Earth. Also home to many volcanic geysers and hot springs. The island sits smack dab atop the mid ocean ridge which marks the boundaries of two continental plates. The pressure of these plates colliding creates massive heat, forming land above the ridge, like Iceland. It's literally land being born upon the Earth anew.

So, here's some aurora and volcanoes.


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skramly said...

Well put, Anonymous.