Only as Strong as (Oopsacalypse Revisited)

Fun fact - once you become familiar with anything, you can make a bingo game of it, simply by marking outcomes/events/words in squares on a gamecard, than at an agreed upon time with agreed upon rules, bingo is on.
It's easy to laugh at these fools - or, more specifically, no doubt, The Father. I sense an overbearing jerk who dominates everyone else in the genetic clan. Look at the son for proof. And the wife. And the daughter.

But what does our laughter gain, except our own LuLz? It serves only to drive folks like this even further into madcap apocalyptic fantasies. Folks are creating alternate realities and living them, and they walk amongst us! Seriously, we are only as strong as our weakest link, and to have some among us brainwashed and in service to death cults that would end the world if they could make it happen is a threat to us all. Death worshipping is never good for life, don't you think?

So this supposed apocalypse came and went, but there's 2012 up ahead and hoo boy, just wait for the breathless Fox pieces about astronomical alignments and galactic centers and earth's wobble, resulting in a shift in the planet's magnetic fields with North and South switching locations, with incidental destruction of humanity's modern society, tonight at Ten! Also, something about a celebrity in rehab.


l.e.s.ter said...

Someday that photo will be a key exculpatory element in a parole hearing.

Redshirt said...

The question is: The Father's or the Son's? 50/50 I'd say.