Mary, Mother of Wings

Must have been some delivery. And spicy as HELL! Also too:

Only in America, baby. Practically though, I don't see how anyone could eat this - I mean, who could take in a bite? Bigfoot? It looks to be a foot tall! If you have to cut it up in to pieces to eat, then, really, what was the point in stacking it so high?  Ah, who am I kidding? Just cuz, right?


Blue Collared Snob said...

I think that is a standard portion size in Texas. I just recently moved to Houston and it is crazy down here. Ordered what said a bowl of Gumbo and they brought out a bucket.

Redshirt said...

Everything's bigger in Texas. My apologies on moving to Houston - I consider it one of the worst American cities. Hot and nasty, but not the good kind of nasty. Usually.

I ate at some "American Restaurant" or some such in Hong Kong where they warned about the large portion sizes on the menu, as befitting America.

But also, seriously, I also ate at some snobby French restaurant in Boston where the plate was huge and ringed with some artsy sauce, and the portions were whimsical and surprisingly small. I gasped when I saw what was served compared to the price tag ($$$$). I wasn't paying, so what did I care, but man! French!